Personal Training Sessions

Our Personal Training sessions include four drams of whisky chosen by our experts, from any of the different regions of Scotland or from the New World of whisky (USA, UK, Japan...). However,if you do not really take to drinking whisky, don't be worried, we also conduct a Rum masterclass.

An expert will be present with you the entire time (around one hour) and will discuss in great details the whiskies you'll be sampling. Our expert will provide expertise on current tasting notes, flavours and aromas. The expert will also discuss with you in great depth information about each bottle, the distilleries it comes from, similar whiskies and the process of production whilst answering any questions you may have about anything whisky related.

The tating session also includes some complimentary nibbles from our Chef.

The Churchill Selection


The Churchill Selection gives you the chance to taste some extremely well aged and/or rare whiskies.  Available with Scottish, American and Japanese whiskies.

Ideal for connoisseurs and those looking to try the higher end of whisky, without the usual cot.  Bottle price: more than £100.

The Morrison Selection


The Morrison Selection is designed by following your wishes. You can choose the country (Scotland, USA, Japan...), the region (if Scottish) or even choose to mix the provenance of your new favourite elixirs.

Ideal for amateurs or connoisseurs or for anyone that likes a personalised experience.  Bottle price: less than £100.

The Rum Runner's Selection


The Rum Runner's Selection showcases an extensive look into the history of rum with a selection of spirit from all over Southern America.  Goslin's Black Seal, Dictador, Flor De Caña and Ron Abuelo are just some to mention.

Ideal for both people who are new to Rum and those who are more experienced but looking to try something new.

The Orchant Selection


The Orchant Selection showcases our range of exclusive and own-brand whiskies that have been bottled especially for our shops and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  We also include our "spirit of the month".

Ideal for both people who are new to whisky and those who are more experienced but looking to try something new.

Important information

  • All Personal Training sessions must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Payment is to be made on the day (deposit to be paid for more than 4 people).
  • Maximum of four people per Personal Training Session.
  • Sessions can be booked Monday to Thursday 5pm - 7pm or Sundays 3pm to 4pm
  • No Personal Training sessions are held on Fridays or Saturdays.

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