Discover the Best Cigar Lounges in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, with its old-school charm and elegance, feels just right for me. As someone who appreciates the classiness of a good cigar lounge, stunning views from different parts of town, or chill times on a hotel terrace, I find Edinburgh has it all. I'll walk you through my favourite spots for cigar lovers in the city. Each spot I recommend offers outdoor seating, an awesome drink menu, snug private spots, and great airflow, ensuring a great time with every puff. 

La Casa at Puffin' Rooms 

11 Lister Square, Edinburgh EH3 9GL 

Situated in the lively Lister Square, Puffin' Rooms offers a luxurious experience in Edinburgh's venue landscape. They are proud of their extensive Cuban cigar collection and over 200 rare whiskies. With their all-season terrace, vast cocktail menu, and gourmet small plates, they complement their wine and champagne selections, making every cigar session a luxurious celebration. They also house the only La Casa del Habano in Scotland.

Sheraton Hotel Edinburgh 

1 Festival Sq, Edinburgh EH3 9SR 

The Sheraton Hotel Edinburgh treats cigar lovers to a sophisticated lounge next to a well-stocked bar with single malt whiskies and premium spirits. The outdoor terrace, with its plush seating, offers a luxurious retreat for those looking to relax with a cigar. 

Hotel Du Vin 

11 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH1 1EZ

Hotel Du Vin invites guests and visitors to its elegant atmosphere, featuring a private cigar nook for an exclusive smoking experience. The well-ventilated space ensures comfort while maintaining its private, exclusive ambiance. With a wide variety of drinks to complement your cigar, we offer a sensory journey for all guests. This chain is known for being welcoming to traveling cigar aficionados. 

Tigerlily Hotel Edinburgh 

125 George St, Edinburgh EH2 4JN 

Tigerlily Hotel boasts a stylish smoking courtyard, perfect for guests who enjoy cigars. This hotel offers a well-stocked bar with cocktails, wines, and spirits to complement your smoking experience. With its vibrant atmosphere, superb cuisine, and drinks, Tigerlily stands out as another option for cigar aficionados. 

Indigo Yard 

7 Charlotte Ln, Edinburgh EH2 4QZ

For a more casual, rustic experience, Indigo Yard presents spacious outdoor seating in a relaxed setting perfect for enjoying sports. With a comprehensive drinks menu, including beers, wines, and cocktails, it's the perfect place to discover new pairings while watching rugby or football, guaranteeing a pleasant visit every time. 

Edinburgh is a city where stories come to life, mixing old-world charm with a modern vibe. Strolling through the Old Town's cobbled streets or soaking up the New Town's lively atmosphere, you'll find awesome places to eat, swanky places to stay, and the coziest spots for coffee. Every nook and cranny of the city has a tale to tell, making everyone, from tourists to locals, feel like they're part of something special. And for those who love a good cigar, Edinburgh's got you covered, offering a unique mix of experiences for anyone looking for a Scottish adventure.


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